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Aquaponics is a form of sustainable agriculture that blends aquaculture with hydroponics and is beneficial to both the plants and the fish. The waste from the fish is used by the plants as fertilizer, thus cleaning the water for the fish. Clean water from the plants is returned to the fish and the cycle begins again.

We Grow dreams partnered with Wolf Pack Aquaponics in October 2010 to develop an aquaponics system on site to grow fresh produce for our customers.  Team members assisted with digging the site for the fish tanks, and have worked in production planting seeds, transplanting seedling to raft beds, harvesting produce, feeding the fish,(Blue gill, Koi, and Tilapia)  and cleaning the fish tanks and deck.


                                                            Constructing the tanks and growing beds


Planting in the gravel bed                        Our tomato “Jungle”                              Gravel growing beds above the fish tanks


Fish and plants are available for sale - Call to see what is ready for harvest!