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To see pictures of some of the herbs we grow, please click here.


Lemon Basil Sweet Dani

v  High in oil and citral content, bursting with lemon fragrance.  Compact plant height, 26”, with spikes of white blooms appearing later

Purple Ruffles

v  Glossy, deep purple-black crinkled leaves and pink flowers.

v  Outstanding in the garden or a border, great for flavoring, 24 in, Annual

Sweet Genovese

v  Genovese is a variety from Italy, traditionally used to make classic pesto.

v   In a warm, south window, basil can grow inside during the winter!

v   It is easy to grow in containers, harvest often to keep these 18” plants compact and encourage new leaf production



v  Prime Culinary herb – snip leaves into salads, soups, and sauces, 12 inches, Perennial



v  Stocky, very well-branched plants deliver almost unbelievable yields of fragrant, delectable leaves, simply packed with authentic Cilantro flavor. Let them set seed and you have Coriander too!  Just 12 to 18 inches high and wide, this powerhouse concentrates all its energy on producing masses of flavorful leaves. The more you cut, the quicker new ones arise, for a longer-than-ever season of delicious eating!



v  This most widely grown cultivar, Bouquet Dill, is a worth while addition to the herb garden! Leaves can be used to flavor dishes, especially those containing, eggs, potatoes, and fish! Large seed heads are great to use when pickling! Leaf harvest may begin at 40 to 50 days and seed heads at 90 to 100 days.  This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies, and/or birds. Water regularly, but do not over water.


Munstead English

v  Fragrant perennial with rich lavender flower spikes all summer. Blooms are held above compact plants that grow to a height of around 15 inches in height. 


v  Short, fat spikes of dark purple flowers, topped by butterfly wind bracts

v  Height 1-3 ft.

Marjoram, Sweet

v  Grayish green leaves with small white, sometimes pinkish flower clusters

v  Fresh or dried leaves for seasoning.

v  Height 20 inches, Perennial


The Best

v  Fragrant foliage, culinary herb for gardens and containers

v  24-36 in. height, Perennial

Variegated Pineapple

v  Soft creamy and white variegated leaves, Sweet pineapple scent

v  Attractive ornamental  and container plant, Perennial



v  Used for sauces and seasoning, strong, spicy flavor, Perennial


Extra Triple Curled

v  Finely curled, compact dark green leaves, very productive.  Very high in Vitamins A and C and is an excellent natural breath freshener, Annual.

Italian Flat Leaf

v  flat, deep cut dark green leaves with a rich flavor


v  Fragrant herb with many uses, Attractive evergreen with needle-like leaves and pink or blue flowers

v  24 in. height, Perennial



v  A staple of the herb garden, wide variety of culinary uses

v  Grey – green leaves, with spikes of small lavender flowers appearing in early summer

v  24 in. height ,Perennial

Tricolor Sage

v  Aromatic foliage with white and pink streaks

v  Grow indoors or out in full sun, 24 in. height, Perennial


v  Can be grown indoors or out. Leaves are naturally sweet, but low in calories.  Stevia is easy to use, too. Just drop a leaf into hot or cold drinks, or use it like a bay leaf to sweeten meat and vegetables dishes while they cook -- it's heat-stable! Grind the dried leaves and sprinkle them into cereals and other cold dishes as you would sugar. . It needs well-drained soil and very little else to grow vigorously, sporting small white inedible flowers in summer. Plant reaches 1 foot tall and about 1 1/2 feet wide. s.

Summer Savory

v  Summer savory is an herb that belongs to the mint family. It is the dark green, narrow leaves of a bush grown widely throughout Yugoslavia and the United States. Savory is one of the most versatile herbs and enhances almost every dish from soups, stews and bean dishes to succotash, cabbage and sauerkraut.



v  Variable shrub with gnarled woody stems, Dark-green to grey-green leaves and white, sometimes mauve flowers

v  Height 12-18 inches

v  Perennial

Lemon Thyme

v  Rich, lemon-scented leaves.  Erect, bushy, woody-based perennial that typically grows 4-12" tall with upward branching stems, pale lilac flowers appear on the stem ends in early summer.  Tiny, dark green leaves have thin silver margins.  Use leaves fresh or dried


v  Lemon Verbena is an aromatic herb with a sharp lemon scent that is great in lotions, baths and potpourris. As a culinary herb, Lemon Verbena makes a terrific tea and seasons fish, poultry, rice and jellies nicely. Pinch the tips back to keep your encourage new growth and keep your Lemon Verbena bushy.