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       YOU CAN HELP - Our Wish List


Operating Funds - Due to the seasonal nature of our business, our incoming revenue dwindles January through April, although we continue to provide job training services during this time.  We request contributions to support our program in these reduced-income months. Your support will ensure that we do not have to cut back on any of our services during the winter months.  Donors will be recognized on our website and in our newsletter. 

 Multipurpose building – new structure would provide evaluation and training space for Team Members, craft area with storage, meeting room for quarterly Family Meetings, office training areas, and rest rooms . Cost $500,000

 Scholarship Fund – to assist individuals with disabilities who cannot afford to participate in the job training program. Cost $1800/year

 Bar coding system – would allow more Team Members to participate in retail sales activities, create new jobs skill for Team Members of labeling code on products.  Team Members would learn skills transferable to other community job sites.  Cost $8000

 Updated computers & monitors, computer ink – all are donated and do not have updated features that would be more efficient for Team Member use in making greenhouse signage and maintaining our mailing list database.  Cost $5000

 Outside storage/garage – for storage of larger equipment (forklift, pickup truck, delivery truck), storage for pots, trays, soil. - $10,000

 Heavy gauge wire mesh – to replace snow fencing on display bench tops, and provide a safer and more permanent top.  Cost $7000

 Multimedia Proxima Projector – for use in speaking engagement to share our “Planting Seeds of

Opportunity DVD – Cost $3500

 Golf cart truck – converted golf cart with a 8 ft. flat bed – for Team Members to drive as they move plants from production areas to retail areas Cost - $7000

 Cleaning supplies (paper towels, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner)


  • Standard screw drivers and wrenches 

  • Chain-type pipe wrench 

  • Cordless power drills/ drill bit sets

 Other needs:

  • laminating sheets                           
  • Plastic stack chairs for our multipurpose area
  • Computer paper