Please view our updated list of what we will be growing this year!  Each list is sorted by the container that we plant them and sell them in.  Items that are BOLD and Purple in color are new to We Grow Dreams this year.  Please contact us for availability if you are looking for a specific variety you desire!

1801 (18-pack) Flat Pansies
Pansy Delta Fire
Pansy Delta Neon Violet
Pansy Delta Premium Apple Cider Mix
Pansy Matrix Autumn Blaze Mix
Pansy Matrix Halloween Mix
Pansy Matrix Red Wing 
Pansy Matrix Wine & Cheese Mix
Pansy Matrix Yellow w/ Blotch
Pansy Spring Matrix Deep Orange 
Pansy Spring Matrix Pure Lemon
4.5" Round Pots
Dianthus Dash Crimson
Dianthus Dash White
Erysimum Sugar Rush Red SD 
Erysimum Sugar Rush Purp Bcol SD 
Erysimum Sugar Rush Orange SD 
Erysimum Sugar Rush Yellow SD 
Osteospermum Akila Sunset Shades
Ornamental Pepper Midnight Fire
Ornamental Pepper Purple Flash
Ornamental Pepper Sangria
Ornamental Pepper Sedona Sun


5" and Larger pots
Rudbeckia Autumn Colors 
Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset
Marigold Marvel Orange
Marigold Marvel Yellow