Team Members

Our Team Members come to us through local high school Transition Programs or similar types of work programs, as well as independently.  Most team members have job coaches such as teachers, peers or parents/family members.  As school program students graduate, some remain at We Grow Dreams and have even gone on to become staff at the greenhouse.  Many others move on to other jobs within our communities.

Due to Covid-19, the school programs were not at the greenhouse from March 2020 until April 2021.  District 200 began back at the greenhouse, 2 people per day and we were thrilled to have them back.  We are hoping that by Fall 2021, programs will be back in session and more smiling faces will be joining us weekly at the greenhouse.

Cole Bransford

Cole is recently back with us after a year at home due to Covid 19. Cole comes to us independently with an aide, but was formerly introduced to us through Soaring Eagle Academy in Glen Ellyn.  It’s so nice to have him back with us.

Laz Cuatzo

Originally from West Chicago High School Transition, Laz is now an employee who is willing to move things, fill pots, haul soil and even weed!  He is a great asset to the greenhouse and never complains about the work that needs to be done.  He puts a smile on our faces whenever he’s here.

Brian Doppelt

Brian has been coming to WGD for over 10 years with his mom, Barb.  He is generally in charge of making sure we have enough boxes built for our customers, but likes to work off-site sales in the spring and fall.  We can depend on Brian and Barb to be willing to do anything that needs to be done.


Alex Flodstrom

Long time team member turned employee who drives a mean lawn mower and is willing to do anything that needs to be done!  Alex is a hard worker and teams well with Laz and Ryan when they are all together, accomplishing great things and never complaining.  


Eric Hum

One of the early team members, Eric has been coming to the greenhouse for 15 years! He is our resident specialist in concrete mixing, pot making and paper crafts!  You might even find him working the register on some days.

Andrew MacLennan

Andrew has been with We Grow for many years and is our ‘clean and scrub’ guy.  His favorite name for everyone is “Trouble” and has an infectious laugh.  Ask him about hockey — he loves the sport!

Nate Robinette

Nate is a former team member who has come out of ‘retirement’ to join the crew preparing for spring.  We are grateful for his willingness to join us again!


Matthew Trail

Matt is one of our newest team members and is learning quickly about what it takes to prep a greenhouse for spring.  Filling pots and moving them for planting is hard work that takes a lot of time and manpower.  We are glad he is here!


Billy Yoakam

Billy has been here from the start when he was just a teenager!  His big smiles and generous hugs are always welcome.  Billy has grown so much in his abilities since he first starting coming with his mom.


Ryan Zima

Ryan started with We Grow Dreams through the Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 Transition program.  He is high energy and is always willing to put his head down and get the job done!

Connor Brennan

Connor comes to us as technically a volunteer every week — he is always willing to do what we ask but is an Expert at making boxes and stacking them perfectly into VERY tall stacks (Connor is quite tall himself!).  He is great to have around and always in a great mood.  His job coach, Maggie, keeps him working.

Katie McKellar

Katie started at WGD over 2 years ago and is a great help to us with almost any project we have.  She is very detail oriented and an expert geranium dead-header when she isn’t helping move plants from the back into retail benches.  She lives in Elgin and has been a huge help to us this season.


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