The month of January is National Hobby Month.  While we are all cooped up enduring the bitter cold that is prevalent this time of year, take some time developing or discovering a new hobby.  We recommend getting some new houseplants and succulents from We Grow Dreams to watch them grow and prosper in your home!
National Seed Swap Day is January 30.  While this year does not permit us to get together in large gatherings to swap seeds with good friends, consider a snail mail seed swap where you can mail seeds packages to friends who might want them!  



Join us here at the greenhouse for our 1st Annual We Grow Dreams Seed Swap!  Come into the greenhouse on Saturday, February 13 to grab some seeds to start your growing season!  We will have a variety of annual flowers, herbs, and vegetables available.  For each variety of seed you bring in you will receive a coin envelope and a spoon to take a variety of seed with you!  If you haven’t gotten seeds yet, consider getting a seed kit that we’ll be building!  For a simple $20 donation to the greenhouse, you can receive one of four different kits, which include 5 different seed varieties.  For more details about the seed swap, seed kits, or to place an order for our seed kits, click the button below!