About Us

We Grow Dreams has been providing job training and employment to young adults with disabilities for over fifteen years.  We Grow Dreams was founded in 2004 when the founders purchased this greenhouse, formerly called WeGo Greenhouse.  Since then the greenhouse has provided countless hours of job training and development.  

The We Grow Dreams job-training program provides opportunities for our Team Members to learn a variety of tasks in the day-to-day operation of a wholesale and retail greenhouse business. Over 45 specific jobs have been identified for the job-training program including deadheading plants, filling pots with soil for seeds/seedlings, transplanting, spacing plant materials, watering, stocking plants/supplies, greeting & assisting customers, running the cash register, folding cartons, clerical tasks and maintenance tasks. In addition to these jobs, our Craft Program produces greeting cards, hypertufa pots, personalized garden bricks, and bird feeders for sale to the public. Team Members develop valuable work, communication, and social skills that will facilitate their employment in the future.

Current Board Members

Ben Hum, President

Holly Riordan, Treasurer

Eric Stenstrom, Secretary

Karen Pachyn, Director

Linda Yoakam, Director

Donna Jarmusz, Director

Gregg Bettcher, Executive Director