Herb Baskets

Stop by We Grow Dreams any time of year for unique gifts including herb baskets that can cater to anyones favorite flavors!

Italian Basket-  Place in a sunny window to keep these lovely smells in your home and prepare all your favorite Italian foods with this basket including basil, oregano, and parsley

Mojito Lover’s Basket-  Keep the cocktails flowing year round with this delightful and unique combination of mint varieties that we carry here at We Grow Dreams!

Tea Lover’s Basket- Craft your own fresh and flavorful teas by brewing up some of these fragrant herbs with your standard tea leaves!  Includes lavender, lemon verbena, and mint

The Pesto Lover’s Basket-  For anyone who cannot get enough pesto in their life, this basket is calling your name!  A trilogy of basil can create some new zesty flavors in your pesto

The Pickler’s Friend-  This combination of chives, cilantro and dill is perfect for anyone who loves to pickle with fresh herbs

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